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Viola Romanuk

Nutrition specialist
Latvian, Russian
Hello, my name is Viola. I am 30 years old. I am a specialist in nutritional science.
I studied at Riga Stradins University, and also took three nutrition courses, at Nature's Sunshine Health Academy. I currently continue to improve my knowledge in this field.

I have many satisfied customers who have achieved the results they wanted with my help. Some have lost weight, others have made up for deficiencies and eliminated health issues.

I can also help you achieve your desired health results and transform your body.

I am sure there is NO such thing as “old age”! “Old age” is a disease. The main thing is to diagnose and prevent it in due time! Recovery, treatment and rehabilitation are carried out with individualised nutrition and nutraceuticals as needed.
Riga Stradins University:
· Nutraceutical (Micronutrients. Functions in human organism. Digestion of proteins.)
· Nutraceutical (Role of Vitamins and Minerals in enzymes action. Caffeinism. Introduction to endocrinology)
· Nutraceutical (Nutrition in hyperacidity, Correction of reflux – oesophagitis by nutraceutical. Different types of metabolic rate changes in human organism. Correction)

· Nutraceutical (Classifications and types of nutraceuticals: radioprotectors, nootropics, immunomodulators, hormone – like forms)
· Nutraceutical (Correction of cells and whole organism by the various nutraceutical groups, Interpretation of blood and urine analysis for providing balanced diet)
· Nutraceutical (Enzumology in Digestion of Lipids, Proteins and Carbohydrates)
· Nutraceutical (The thyroid gland dysfunction correction with Nutraceutics. The gastrointestinal system problems correction with Nutraceutics )
· Nutraceutical (Principles and schemes for correction some of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal pathologies. Metabolic syndrome)
· Nutraceutical (Blood and urine composition—norm and pathology, Interpretation of results)

Natures Sunshine Health Academy:
· Natures Sunshine Pulmonology. Health of the respiratory system of health academy NSP
· Cертификат за обучение на курсах нутрициологии
· Certificate completed course Basics of Nutriciology

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