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Fitness trainer for adults and children
About me
Hello my name is Lavinia, I offer through fitness classes:
weight regulation, muscle growth, muscle endurance, cardio training, general health improvement, posture and flexibility improvement, muscle strength and ABS stability.
My training philosophy is «where’s a will, there’s a way». People who don’t like to exercise, usually don’t have enough information about it, or encounter barriers to physical activity that they don’t know how to address. Every person has them at one point in their life, they can be physical, emotional, motivational or time related.

My purpose is to help my clients understand, address, and overcome wellness and fitness barriers, support them to get out of physical and emotional comfort zones, and see them achieve their objectives.

I believe that life is a series of goals, and some take longer to accomplish than others, but along the way we can enjoy and learn as much as possible.
Fitness Trainer Level 2
Personal trainer level 3

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