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Price list for classes and consultations

The first trial lesson is FREE!
* The offer is valid for all specialists, except for the nutritionist
The cost of 1 personal session in the gym is at least 30€ per hour. On our platform, the cost of a lesson with a trainer is only 15.50€
You save 48%
Lesson type
Personal lesson for children — 40 min
Number of lessons / cost
Personal lesson for children — 60 min
Lesson type
Personal lesson for adults — 60 min
Number of lessons / cost
Session with a psychologist – 60 min
Nutritionist consultation — 60 min
Group lesson (from 5+ pers.)
Recorded workouts (7 days)
Personal fitness training (offline)
Girl power, man power

Programs / courses

Program type
Yoga program «Harmonious body»
Number of lessons / cost
Health improvement program + Nutritionist support (30 days)
«Healthy body» full-fledged course Nutrition Specialist + Trainer
Program type
Recovery program «Mommies After Childbirth»
Number of lessons / cost
Additionally: nutritionist support
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