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Feedback from our clients

  • Viola
    Thank you, Anastasia for the lessons with my child. The learning process and the presentation itself, as well as working with the child, cause some positive emotions. And most importantly from the quality of work, for a short time we see the result of our efforts. We've already played some sounds.

    Anastasia's professionalism is at the highest level, I know what I'm saying, we went through three speech therapists! My daughter is looking forward to every lesson, as the person managed to win over the child to himself and I see how she is drawn to her and is very fond of the teacher. And this is very important!
  • Alena
    I really like training! Started on March 1. I want a fit figure. Victoria is a professional, a great coach. Great approach!
  • Anastasia
    I started working with the Moveline team on February 22nd. The first days were the most difficult, it was not easy to rebuild. I started to play sports after many years of rest. At first everything hurt very much, all the muscles, but soon it passed. I strictly followed the recommendations of Victoria's coach. Along with playing sports, I began to eat healthily. The nutritionist is always in touch with me and I clearly follow all the recommendations!

    Along with all this, I passed a general blood test so that the nutritionist could choose the right complex of vitamins and minerals for me. Three weeks later, 5.5 kg were gone. I feel wonderful and purposefully go forward! I am very grateful to the Moveline team!
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