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Valery Bushuev

Yoga and stretching coach
Russian, Latvian, English
About me
Hey! My name is Valery Bushuev, I will be your yoga and stretching coach.
I am a professional dancer and trainer with 12 years of experience. But I came to dancing from professional sports, in which I spent more than 10 years. My acquaintance with yoga happened during my sports career. Since narrowly focused training strongly constrained the body, I understood that something had to be done about it. And yoga helped me a lot in achieving sports progress. After the end of my sports career, I took up dancing, and again yoga came in handy.

Movement is life, and freedom of movement is its quality. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge on stretching and properly pumping up the body. In training, we will work with all large joints and muscle groups, with an emphasis on one or more.

Only purposeful self-improvement can greatly change the quality of life for the better. Join me and we will develop together!
Riga Choreographic School 2012 - 2016 Professional education «Ballet dancer».
Latvian Academy of Culture 2010 - 2012
Contemporary choreography
Coach- 2001-2020
- Various sports studios;
- Workouts in the gym;
- fight clubs, CrossFit clubs;
- dance studios

Dancer - 2001 - 2020
- Participated in various stage shows, videos and photos

Choreographer/Dance leader, Greece, 2017/2018. Season
Staging a dance show program with animators, «Pomegranate wellness spa hotel»

Season 2019, Greece
professional choreographer/dancer

November 2019 - March 2020,
professional ballet dancer, tours with «Swan Lake» at the St. Petersburg Ballet Theater and Ballet Real de Rusia.

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