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Ilona Boceva

Fitness trainer for adults and children
Latvian, Russian
About me
Hello my name is Ilona, I do classes such as:
Strength building for all muscle groups, functional, cardio, gaining muscle mass, stretching at the end of training, strengthening internal muscles, aerobics for beginners.
4-7 y.o.
game development exercises;
exercise for development;
weight loss, muscle gain, cardio, body shaping
Good eating habits give you lots of energy and improve your general well-being, but it takes time and perseverance as well as physical activity to establish and acquire them. I will help you achieve good results! If you want your child to follow your example, learn new things and develop, I would be happy to help you!
8-12 y.o.
18-60 y.o
Latvian Sports Federation Councils -
Category C sports specialist (sports coach)

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