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Anastasija Bogdanova

Children's speech therapist
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About me
Hello, my name is Anastasia, and I am a speech therapist for children.
I love my job very much. I love working with children and helping them. I identify speech defects, if any, and help correct them. I improve the sound and pronunciation of words, and the process of attention, thinking and memory. Everything that is so important and necessary for a child's development.

All sessions are carried out as games, my little friends really like the logarithmic activities when we dance and learn together through movement, it's always fun and puts children in a good mood.
I always have an individual approach to each child, so I give the child maximum time and attention, which guarantees effective results in the future.
See you at the sessions!
Classes from 5 years old
Baltic International Academy-International Management
Liepaja University - Faculty of Pedagogy, Speech Therapy

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